Melodramatic monikers

"what is in a name anyway?"

The big list of melodramatic monikers (NAMES)

We've designed this webpage to help aspiring melodrama authors to sneak up on the very important exercise of character development. In non-melodrama writing there are a great many reasons for using specific names for specific characters, some practical and some. However, let’s face it ... this is melodrama you're writing. It is over the top. It is funny (or should be). Plus, in the genre the names of the heroes, villains, sheriffs, heroines and townsfolk are allowed to be somewhat outlandish if you desire, alliterative if you like, downright silly if you choose.

To help you get started ... I have accumulated a slew of character names for your stories. The beauty of these names is that they embody the character right in the name. For example, "Phil McCavity" is of course the town dentist and "Edinina Clouds" could easily be the clueless best friend of the heroine or even the heroine herself. The names may seem contrived and that actually gives you a head start. You don't need much of a "back story" for your character when her name is "Carmen Geditt" or "Ima Badgirl". Laugh if you will, but this will really help as you begin to write your melodrama.

Read through the list ... choose a few you like ... get those creative juices flowing. These will be some of your new best friends... the people in your stories. You make them up and decide what happens to them. You create their dialogue - the things they say to each other ... choosing their names is the begging. Have fun writing the rest. If you come up with some other melodramatic names (I'm sure there are many) Go ahead and email me and I will add you names to the list and when you do write the "Next Great American Melodrama" and you want to share it with the world I will be glad to post it on this site. To all of you aspiring authors out there ...peruse this alphabetical list and enjoy.


Abe Rudder
Abel N. Willin
Adam Zapple
Adam Upp
Al Beback
Al Ligorie
Al Koholic
Ali Bye
Ali Baster
Ali Bye
Allota Fun
Anne Natome
Alice Well
Amanda B. Recondwithe
Andy Structable
Anita Bathe
Ann Chovie
Ann Tartica
Andy Tover
Ann Teek
Anna Dapter
Anna Graham
Anna Kronism
Anna Recksic
Annie Versary
Arneeda Drink
Avery Niceman


Barbera Seville
Barry D Hatchett
Barnaby Wilde
Barry Niceman
Bart Ender
Bea Keeper
Beau Vine
Ben DeToy
Ben Lion
Ben DinRoad
Berth de Bluze
Betty Diddent
Bill Topay
Bjorn DaJoke
Booke Ennail
Bruce D’Apples


Carmen Geditt
Carmen Goagh
Claire Voyant
Cody Pendant
Carrie R. Baggs
Carry Micoate
Celia Fate
Chaz Tize
Chris P. Duck
Colin Allcars
Crystal Pendant
Crystal Chandra Lear
Cybil Wrights
Cy Kosis


Dan Druff
Dan Gerours
Daryl B. Moore
Daryl Lect
Dee Sember
Dee Lighted
Dee Zaster
Des Burratto
Denise R Knobbly
Di O’Bolick
Dora Jarre
Drew Blood
Duane Pepes
Duncan Biscett
Duncan Disorderly
Dustin Dubree
Dusty Rhodes
Durk Dasterdly


Earl E. Bird
Ed Banger
Ed Overeels
Ed Turner
Edina Clouds
Eileen Dover
Ella Mentry
Ella Vator
Ellie Gant
Emma Wroids
Enid Adrink
Evan Sabove’
Evan Tually
Eve Ann Jellical


Faye Derway
Faye Knitte
Faye Tality
Fiona Friend
Flo Tinaway
Freda D. Dark
Freda Innocent
Freda Livery
Frieda Gogh
Fran Tick


Gerry Mander
Gill Tedd
Ginger Vitus
Gus Towin
Gladys Eeya
Gladys Friday
Gustav Wynde


Hal Hitosis
Hal E. Luya
Hans Offah
Heidi Valuables
Helen Back
Helen Bed
Helen Highwater
Holly Wood
Holly Dayin
Hugh deMann
Howard Ino
Hugh Dunnitt
Hugo First
Hugo Last


Ian de Dark
Ian Amess
Ian de Deepend
Ian O’Sphere
Ida Hoe
Ike Entelle
Ima Badgirl
Ima June Bugg
Imelda Czechs
Iona Bigyot
Isabel Ringing
Ivana Veekoff


Jack Potte
Jabob Sladder
Jean-Anne Tonique
Jean Poole
Jenna Rossity
Jerry Atricks
Juan Manband
Juan Moment
Juan Mortyme
Jim Nastie
Justin Case
Justin Credible
Justin Tyme
Joe King
Joanna Dance
Joanna Goodtime


Kerry Dowt
Kerry Seen
Ken Hartley Reed
Klaus Shave
Kurt Ainring


Laura Norder
Leaha Tard
Lee King
Lee Poffe
Lou Bricantt
Lou Decruss
Lou Natic
Les Ismoore
Liz Entoome
Lois Bidder
Lou Pole
Lou Scannon
Lou Smoralls


Madge Ority
Mal Ordous
Malcom Tent
Mandy Lifeboats
Marcus Absent
Marsha Mello
Mel O’Dramer
Mel Tingpoint
Mel Practice
Mike Ruphone
Millie Terry
Minnie Mumwage
Minnie Stree
Miss Bea Haven
Miss Terri Novel
Miss U. Allot
Mel Lowe
Megan D. Bacon
Molly Quelle
Mort Tality
Monna Littlemore
MR E. Manne


Natlie Cladd
Natlie Drest
Neil Downe
Nick Yacar
Noah Count
Noah Value


Oliver de Place
Oliver Sudden
Opelia Paine
Owen Monie
Otto Matic


Paige Turner
Patty O’Dors
Patty O’Furniture
Percy Cute
Percy Veer
Perry Winkel
Pete Moss
Paul Barer
Penny Less
Penny Sillen
Phil McAvity
Philippa Bucket
Phylis Stein


Ray Sersharpe
Rhoda Hoarse
Rick O’Sheah
Robin Banks
Robin Emblind
Roland Money
Rowan Boate
Ruby Kohn
Rudi Mentry
Russel Sprout


Sadie Word
Sal Livate
Sally Mander
Sam Widge
Sarah Bellam
Seymour Money
Shirley Knott
Sir Kit Breaker
Stan Dandeliver
Stan Dingproud
Stan Dingput
Sue Fley
Sue Purvisor


Tania Hyde
Theresa Greene
Tim Panny
Tristan Shout
Toby Hynde
Trudy Lite
Travis Teye


Urika Garlic


Viv Ascious
Vic Trees
Val Haller


Walter Mellon
Wayne Deere
Willie Belong
Willie Becaught

Willy Gofar
Warren Peece
Wanda Phulle


Xavier Money
Xavier Self
Xavier Breath


Zelda Knows
Zoltan Pepper