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While Hero and Villain plays are available for Theatres and Playhouses, they also work great as fund raisers for civic organizations, clubs, church groups, community centers, mountain retreats or dinner theaters. These family-oriented melodramas are now provided for a flat royalty fee based upon whether you want unlimited ability to perform a play for a whole year or if you will only be having less than 5 performances. These plays have been produced successfully and are designed to help you have a production your town will be talking about all year.

If you haven't done so already ... take a few minutes to view video highlights for any of our Melodramas and afterwards ... click on Links to get rights to produce a Melodramas in your community. Please remember to get Melodramatic ... and have fun while you are at it.

Each of our Melodramas are Full length plays ... but unlike other plays you might purchase rights to produce ... our author loves it when you change the names of places in the scripts, even the names of characters and its fine to leave out a song if the actor you choose is (how shall we say this) ... less than "tune-full". The goal is to revive this art form of Melodrama and if you want to perform a Melodrama, but your venue limits you to 90 minutes ... go ahead ... be ruthless and have fun. In future months, be sure to revisit this website for even more prolific productions.

On this resources page you will also find links to PDF documents that you can download for free to make your Melodramatic experiences even more enjoyable for your venue, your cast, and most importantly your audiences. Do those other publishers give you resources like this for you? We think not! But don't get us started ... just enjoy the resources and should you need anything else, you know how to find us.


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Emotions Checklist
Famous Advice
Famous Last Words
Medicine Show
Never Die Puns
Personality Predictions
A Plethora of Put Downs 1
A Plethora of Put Downs 2
A Plethora of Put Downs 3

A few of our favorite resources for old west melodrama clothing

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