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chaos at the cannery

Also known as "Miss Faye Sees All and Tells All"

Up for some adventure? Welcome to the small western town of San Juan Capistrano. Back before the turn of the century … no not this one ... the one before that one. That's right ... the year is 1881 and California is still one of the last great frontiers. The president is James Garfield, the flag has only 38 stars on it and the one big employer in San Juan is the Belford and Company Cannery, purveyors of dried fruits, olives and of course their very popular fig marmalade all marketed under the label of "San Juan's Best". Chaos at the Cannery is set in the beautiful old west town of San Juan Capistrano (or your town if you want to customize this Melodrama). San Juan Capistrano is the town where the "swallows" return each year. Kind of like the "buzzards returning to Hinckley Ohio".

This Melodrama is a prequel to Dirty Deeds at the Depot that helped spark a California Melodrama revival. View the highlights video and your will see why Chaos at the Cannery has become a new favorite for many playhouses across America and the world. They even performed this one in New Zealand if that impresses you ... it did for me. This is the story of a new sheriff, a loyal family, and a rowdy town. Mix in an ample amount of mayhem and mystery with a dash of heroes, villains, two generations of heroines, a stolen badge and a whole slew of toe tapping authentic old-time music. Now sit back … take off your Stetson ... to return to a day when the men were strong and all the women were heroines ... well at least that's our story and we're sticking to it.

Characters include ... Des Berado, Oliver Sudden, Faye Tality, Shirley Knott, April May, Natalie Drest, and our cue-card maven Miss Paige Turner, and the villainous Professor Phineas T. Mack.

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CAST: 7F / 7M plus a piano player and several optional extras

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