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A LIST OF  heckler responses & more

Here's a list of resources for your villain to know what to say if they get heckled

If you have been on stage enough times ... there is always someone in the crowd that decides that their jokes are more funny than yours on stage. Melodrama has enough similarities to a comedy night or improv theatre ... that you can help from getting a heckle or two. The term heckler apparently originates from the textile trade, where to "heckle" was to tease or comb out flax fibres.

The modern meaning was coined in Dundee in the early 19th century. Staff who combed flax in the city were considered some of the most radical workers in the business. As the hecklers toiled in the factory, one of the team would read out the day's news - and the others would butt in with constant interruptions and a stream of furious debate whiole they were doing their tedious jobs. Below you will find a few heckler responses to memorize just in case the need ever arises. It is usually the Villains in the play that need to worry about dealing with hecklers ... so this page is dedicated to those unsung heroes ... the Villains of Melodramas.


A random list of Witty Put-Downs for Hecklers

A non-credited list of insults and Put Downs

 Even more Random Put-Downs about the rich and famous and not so famous

 A List of "Never Die" Quotations

 Professor Mack’s Traveling Medicine Show Spiel (great for an audition piece or party monologue)

 Audience - Emotions “check off” list (print these off for yoru audience and give awards)


If you are lucky enough to hae a talented Piano player providing constant underscoring during your Melodrama ... that is amazing. In case you had forgotten ... "underscoring" is simply the playing of music quietly under spoken dialogue or a visual scene in between actual songs.

It is done to establish a mood or theme, to recall and/or foreshadow a character or plot point in your Melodrama ... which adds so much to tie the entire play together. In the scores provided as part of HeroAndVIllain Melodrama packages ... musical vamps precede many of the songs and these vamps can easily be used as character theme music.

Some plays even have an overture included that helps with underscoring or use variations on the curtain call song. Another advantage of a piano playing is that it has a tendency to discourage hecklers. I guess they feel fine interrupting someone delivering lines ... but not a piano player. Interesting.