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Gary McCarver  professor mack

Two Sides of the Same Coin  | The Author and Villain you love to hate!

During the day ... Gary McCarver take on the persona of a mild mannered financial professional helping people move to and through retirement. But at night Gary McCarver becomes the Melodramatic Author, Actor, Lyricist, and Reenactor Performer that many jsut call "Professor Mack". For well over 20 years the "Professor" has been perfecting various villaineous characters that audiences love to hate. That is a good thing by the way.

When not directing an Old West Musical Melodrama or award winning Southern California premier plays like "The Explorers Club" ... Gary has founded Hero And Villain to keep the much beleaguered but wonderfully family friendly artform of Melodrama alive. Hero and Villain Melodramas have been performed throughout the United States and internationally. Gary believes that Modern melodramas are about audiences having fun, booing and hissing the villain, enjoying great old west music, cheering the hero, and watching good triumph over evil. A thing that the would can always use more of. The whole reason for his melodramatic efforts is that Gary hopes that Melodrama is an important art form and needs to be preserved for future generations.

This website is created to showcase his creative efforts (and those of guest melodrama authors) ... to keep the world more Melodramatic.