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villainy in the vineyard

Also known as "Everything Happens for a Riesling"

Welcome to Villainy in the Vineyard ... the ultimate audience participation old west melodrama set outside the small town of San Juan Capistrano (or your own local vineyard if you prefer). This is the story of Kaye Syrah trying so hard to keep the family vineyard alive after her family went missing.

It is the story of a ruthless land speculator willing to do just about anything to build his empire. Along the journey discover the stagecoach line and vineyards of old San Juan Capistrano. Learn the fate of the once great Southern California Vineyards in this long-forgotten seldom-told mostly-true tale about one man that kept wine alive … not just for California … but for the whole planet. All served up with a generous supply of family-friendly old-time music.

Be sure to watch the video preview online ... the grape stomping scene is a blast. Of course, it is the story of heroes and villains, but mostly about family including the fun characters ... especially Kaye Syrah, the stagecoach station master Buck Shott, Russell Grub, Tom Munson, Kaye's grandfather Grand Syrah, and Kay's cousins Adella, Bella, and Stella.

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CAST: 8F / 7M plus a piano player and several optional extras

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