Melodrama - The Great American Art Form

Melodrama is alive & Well

In Melodrama ... the good guys are really good ... and the villains are really bad. Misadventures are resolved at the very last moment with unexpected revelations and unexpected plot twists. Happy endings are the rule and villains always gets what they deserve in the end. Across America and across the globe ... theatres, playhouses, schools, and communities keep Melodrama alive. Although some of the elements of Melodrama have their roots in old world theatre ... we feel safe in saying that old west style Melodrama is unique and should be considered a truly American art form ... just as much as Jazz or Baseball.

While Melodrama Scripts are available for Theatres and Playhouses, they also work great as fund raisers for civic organizations, clubs, church groups, community centers, mountain retreats or dinner theaters. We believe that licensing a play for performance needs to be uncomplicated ... so our family-friendly melodramas are provided for a flat royalty fee based upon whether you want unlimited ability to perform a play for a whole year or if you will only be having a few performances.

All plays have been produced successfully and some many times across the globe. Each of our Melodramas are full length plays ... but unlike other plays ... our author is fine if you change the names of places or characters. Even songs are optional. If your venue limits you to 60 or 90 minutes ... you call the shots and receive a modifiable electronic version of your script. You can print them yourself to save money. For standard scripts we have perfect-bound scripts you can purchase. Now take a few moments to explore the 10 plays currently offered for your next production below.


OUR NEW CHRISTMAS MELODRAMA IS NOW AVAILABLE: A Broken Badge Christmas is avaialbe for purchase. Add this new holiday favorite to your schedule or season this year or next and you will have an old-west Melodramatic fun time in your town. If you happen to be in Longview Washington this upcoming Christmas ... get your tickets to join in the holiday festivities and see A Broken Badge Christmas for yerself. Click here for more infomation on A Broken Badge Christmas:

Family Friendly

All Hero And Villain Melodrama Scripts are Family Friendly mildly PG-rated, but making it a G-rated play is easy since we let you customize any script to your venue and community standards.

You Call The Shots

Quick online 'script & score & more' delivery right to your computer ... so you can customize each play to tell your town's story. Or buy professionally printed perfect-bound scripts.

Turnkey Melodrama Scripts

Affordable turnkey Melodrama packages that include everything you need for a great play (just add a cast & set). Includes printable scripts and sheet music and even cue-card graphics.

Video & Social Media Friendly

Unlike plays from those pesky other companies - You are allowed to distribute photos and videos and even sell your own DVDs to make more money. We actually encourage it!

performed across The Globe for 15 years so you know That audiences love them

Hero And Villain Melodrama Scripts have been thrilling audiences for years and years

Meet the Author

A "Living Legend"* in the world of Melodrama Authors. (*Since most lived 100 years ago so that's not too hard).

Gary McCarver

Gary McCarver

Author, Founder & So Much More

During the day ... a mild mannered financial professional. But at night he becomes the Melodramatic Author.

Professor Mack

Professor Mack

Gary's Persona to perfect each Play

For over 15 years the "Professor" has been perfecting the character that audiences love to hate.

Rose McCarver

You and Your Theatre

You and Your Cast are also authors

Melodrama is meant to reflect your community - and customizable plays make that easy to do!

Our Latest Melodrama Plays

Please know that Melodramas are designed to be family friendly and G-Rated so that no one is offended unless they have a problem with the standard stereotypical and sometimes simple characters that are a benchmark of Melodrama. Having said that - also know that melodramas allow you to customize them just about any way that you want. If an old-west late-1800’s occupation is one that you do not want in your production - not a problem - you have full permission to change it in any of our dozen plus musical melodramatic plays. It is up to you. So that means - if a reference to beer or whiskey (common in the old west) might potentially be off limits for your venue or audience - go ahead and change it to root-beer or lemonade if you want. If a play is too long - cut out what you desire. If you want to change the name of a character, or add in a local business as a shameless plug, or adjust the location - with our brand of Melodramas - you have full permission to do any of those as well and ew expect you to customize them ... that is another feature of Melodrams . Yes ... you read that right ... unlike other purveyors of plays you might find online that strictly prohibit any changes ... we encorage it. Some playhouses and schools have turned solo songs into group numbers or eliminated songs to shorten play run time or added additional cue cards for audience enjoyment.  If the references to ‘swallow’ birds doesn't work for you - replace it with buzzards or any critter that loves your home town. So long as the plays remains family-friendly and serve the needs your venue - you have blanket-authority to trim, adjust, and modify the play to your heart’s content. You can thank us later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

George Bernard Shaw once said "When it comes to the point, really bad men are just as rare as really good ones." We think the same truth applies to Melodramas. It is our hope that as you look at our scripts that you will recognize the quality of writing and music and appreciate that every play has been performed many times in front of live audiences to determine just the right amount of wrong. (CLICK BELOW)

Why to choose us

They are full-length melodramas. This enables them to fit into your regular season schedule. But if you want a shorter version for schools, churches, or community events ... you can customize them to your venue. Other providers of Melodramas prohibit you from making modifications to published scripts. We encourage it. In the past ... Villain names have been changed, local establishment "shameless plugs" have been added, casts were shrunk for smaller venues, casts were expanded so more actors could have fun. No permission is needed to change our Melodramas around to fit your town's history of personalize the play. They are PG-rated, but if you need to change 'beer' to 'root beer' for a G-rating ... no problem.

Yes ... you get to print out copies of as many scripts you might need. Other publishers seriously frown on this and prohibit even the thought of it. Perhaps you have lots of paper, a free copier and lots of time on your hands ... When you pay royalties you get access to a downloadable and printable version of the script and music score. So, if you need to print out another copy when someone misplaces their script ... no problem ... you can stay in the "Hero" category and make extra copies to your heart's content. You are very welcome..

While Hero and Villain plays are available for Theatres and Playhouses, they also work great as fund raisers for civic organizations, clubs, church groups, community centers, mountain retreats or even dinner theaters. These family-oriented melodramas are now provided for a flat royalty fee based upon whether you want to perform a play for a whole year or if you will only be having 5 or less performances. These plays have been produced successfully and are designed to help you have a production that your town will be talking about all year.

Many of those performing melodramas are community theatres, schools, churches or non-profit organizations and so our prices are purposely kept affordable for these groups. When you consider all of the flexibility to change, modify, print, and video our Melodramas ... we think that they are a great value. By paying appropriate royalties you help support this great American theatre art ... and we thank you from the bottom of our Heroic hearts.Heroic hearts.

PLEASE NOTE: Melodrama royalty payments are determined by how many times a play is performed in front of a audience, whether or not admission is charged. Click on any Melodrama and pay royalties simply through PayPal.

Piano players are the unsung heroes of your melodrama by providing constant underscoring. In case you had forgotten ... underscoring is simply the playing of music quietly under spoken dialogue or a visual scene. It is done to establish a mood or theme, to recall and/or foreshadow a character or plot point in your Melodrama ... which adds so much to tie the entire play together. In the score ... musical vamps precede many of the songs which can be used as character theme music. Some plays have an overture included that helps with underscoring.

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Affordable Melodrama Royalties

Limited Run

A discounted price for just a few performances.


The Real Deal

  • 1 to 5 performances
  • Even though it is discounted ... you still get a PDF script, modifiable Word-Doc script, PDF full music score, downloadable rehearsal music tracks, cue-card graphics and much more.
  • Melodrama royalty payments are determined by how many times a play is performed in front of a audience, whether or not admission is charged.

One Year Unlimited

For Those wanting a longer run.


The Amazing Bargain

  • As many performance as you want for a full year. Great for schools and diner shows
  • Unlimited for a year access to a PDF script, modifiable Word-Doc script, PDF full music score, downloadable rehearsal music tracks, cue-card graphics and so much more.
  • Now available for all of our Melodramas. Printed scripts and piano scores are now updated for 2018 and available online.

The Customized Caboodle

Let us Customize your Melodrama


Any of our Melodramas customized for you by 'Professor Mack' himself.

  • You could do it yourself ... but sometimes life gets so busy and maybe you have a whole season of plays that are needing more of your attention. So our playwright will personally send you a questionnaire of a dozen questions and customize those changes into any of the plays you have a hankering to perform.
  • Email your contact information - say which play you want to have customized and we will send you the questionnaire and an invoice to get it done right away for you.

Swag & Gifts

For those Heroes and Villains in your life. Also great for cast gifts.

$6 up*

many choices

  • From "Got Melodrama" t-shirts, bags, mouse pads, coffee mugs and so much more!
  • Customized for most of our most popular plays with general Melodramatic items that everyone enjoys.
  • We choose CafePress to directly deliver your items right to your door.

    *That means you pay CafePress delivery cost.


Hero and Villain Melodramas have been performed throughout the United States and internationally (from Auckland to Oxford, Germany to south Africa). Take a moment to look at half a dozen newspaper reviews, advertisements and cast photos below about HeroAndVillain Melodramas performed around the world. If you need more ... let us know or simply Google any of our Melodrama titles.